Great Value in Using a Travel Agent

The Internet is easy to use, offers many useful ideas but does not tell you the “Rest of the Story.”  The resort may be under construction, the time of year vacation may be rainy season or in Egypt the sand storm period, or the reviews are not accurate.  It may work for you in some cases, but the first time, you need an excursion, more information, insurance, or to cancel, that is a strong point of travel agents.

Travel agents use the Internet just like you.  They also have access to Business Development Managers who can advise of certain issues not found on the Internet.  They also network with other agents and clients so they have a good feeling of the vendor and their products.

And finally costs…  You are spending a lot of money for a reservation.  You want it to be done accurately and correctly.  Travel agents do it everyday and you do it once or twice a year.  The bonus to you is that we do not charge for tour or cruise packages.  If we customize a trip special for you, our fees are in line with the service rendered.