How we work with our customers tells you about our values. Here is our approach:

  • We Consult and sell Vacation Packages through Preferred Vendors
  • We give access to customers to book their own trips on-line through Preferred Vendors
  • We Consult and custom design Vacation Packages

Our Consultation and Vacation Packages

We build relationship with vendors that are reliable, have been in business for a reasonable time, and have sound financial statements. We call these companies “Preferred Vendors”.

When you call us, our Agents listen to your requirements, look for specials, and recommend a package already prepared by our Preferred Vendors. Normally, our vendors have worked with hotels, transfer companies, and airlines to develop a package lower than you can find separately.

When you are ready, we make the reservations with the Preferred Vendors locking down the dates and the prices. We then manage the booking and educate you on all the requirements.

In general, we do not charge extra fees for our Preferred Vacation Packages.

Customer Access to Booking Engines

Some customers want the convenience of doing it themselves on the Internet. We give access to these select Preferred Vendors sites for our customers to book it themselves.

Once the booking is completed on-line, our agents take over the booking and provide our best service to educate the customer on any requirements before they travel. Depending on the situation, our agents can rectify any booking errors made by the customer.

In general, we do not charge extra fees for access to booking engines.

Customized or Personalized Itineraries

Experienced travelers require their trips to be customized to add or develop day-to-day schedules with vendors in countries or destinations where our Preferred Vendors do not operate. This takes time to research and to arrange.

We work with our customers to understand their needs and to satisfy these “Special Requirements.” The customer and the agents have to have a strong bond to make this type of reservation meet their needs.

Customized itineraries may result in a nominal fee for consultation and arrangement.

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