Today there are two choices for cruises:

  • Ocean Cruise
  • River Cruise

Ocean Cruise


An Ocean cruise is the oldest type of cruise.  It means that you sail on the ocean or seas.  The ships are very large.  In fact some are three times the size of an aircraft carrier.  You can experience relaxing and enjoying a quite experience or you can fill your day with many activities.  On board, you will find great restaurants, gyms and spas along with daily entertainment.  The food is usually equal to some of  your better on shore restaurants.

Cabins on board vary in size and needs.  The lowest level is known as a interior cabin.  The cabin is about 130 to 150 square feet with no view to the ocean. The second level is a ocean stateroom.  Here you have either a port hole or a window where you can view the ocean.  It does not have a balcony.  The best accommodations is a balcony.  Here you have a larger room with a walk out balcony.  Chairs are available to read a book or just enjoy the view.

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River Cruises

River Cruises have become very popular. A river cruise ship travels primary in Europe and in the far east over rivers that have historical significance. In the United States, there is some limited river cruise adventures. Travelers enjoy the scenery and travel from city to city normally cruising about three to four hour a day and staying overnight in the beautiful cities on the rivers. Food and wine are normally included.  Cabins are spacious with most travelers wanting balconies.  The size of the river cruise boat is determined by the river.  You may go through locks and under bridges so the size of the ships are limited.

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