A travel agent is most helpful when they become your friend and confidante about your travel.  Knowledge of many destinations and experience is what our agents are all about.  Call us today and see if you agree:  800-743-2321

Kathy Rogers, Travel Consultant

One of the first skills, a teacher is taught is how to “Listen”. Kathy uses her education skills and her background to mold a career of helping others find a home for travel.

With 28 years experience in travel, Kathy is an encyclopedia of knowledge about many destinations. If she does not know about your destination, she has the training to navigate the obstacles and help you find just the right trip.  Her clients know her capabilities.  She is their expert on Mexico, The Caribbean, Hawaii, Europe, and any type of cruise.

I can be reached at krogers@precisetravel.com or 800-743-2321

Aubrey Rogers, Travel Consultant

Team effort makes a bond where one agent can be the resource for the other.  Aubrey concentrates on group and wedding destination travel as well as Mexico, the Caribbean, and river cruises.  What most people want when they call a travel agent is to know that your agent researches your needs. He guides you to the destination that meets your needs.  This combined with organization skills and resourcefulness makes you feel “Safe”.  Aubrey will  book your trip correctly and follow-up with the vendor to be your insurance policy to give you the value you deserve.  You are home with Precise Travel and you will feel it every time you visit.

Aubrey is another agent with more than 28 years experience and when you call you can seen this.

I can be reached at arogers@precisetravel.com or 800-743-2321