For you to choose a travel agent, one must feel a confidence in the agent’s ability to help and to advise.  At Precise Travel, you can trust our experienced agents to listen to your needs and to help guide you to a vacation that meets your needs.  This is different from the Internet.  Agents have the knowledge to weed out the promos and to find the “diamonds in the rough.”.  Call us today and see if you agree:  800-743-2321

Kathy Rogers, Travel Consultant

Kathy was educated as a teacher and learned early how to “Listen.” Call her and tell her your first ideas for a vacation.  Let her discover what you like to do on your vacation.  Tell her if you like a beach destination, shopping, a museum or a cruise.

Kathy will begin her research to meet your goals.  Her 30 years experience in the industry may help her focus immediately on one or two options.  Sometimes, you may want an exotic or adventure vacation and her research can take a long time.  When she selects her choices, you will know.

Kathy receives many referrals from past clients, but new clients are welcome.  She can be reached at or 800-743-2321

Aubrey Rogers, Travel Consultant

Aubrey used his roots in IT to envision a business where travel and technology could work hand-in-hand. His interest has led him to learn about many destinations.  He is easy to work with and returns your calls as soon as possible.

Let his 30 years experience work for you.  Don’t think the Internet has all the answers when a travel agent can often help with little or no cost to you.

He can be reached at or 800-743-2321